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April 2022 - During a walkabout in Palo Alto, I found several sites with a wide variety of blooms. Enjoy.

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All of the images made in this book were produced with a Sony A7RM4 camera using a F2.8/90mm Macro G OSS lens. This combination gives exceptional resolution and clarity in image detail. This supports cropping and clear printing up to 20 x 30" poster prints at more than 300 dpi. The High Resolution files are 61 MB with 9,504 x 6,336 px.

This image is typical of all the images on the website and similar in resolution to the Digital Download Small file. This image is 400 px wide.
The Digital Download Small files are 1,200 x 800 px.
This small piece of a Digital Download Large image shows the detail available. This sample is 400 px wide.
The Digital Download Large files are 9,504 x 6,336 px.

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