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Student ID Cards

Custom Layouts

It's a process. We will develop a new card layout for your approval. The images can be standard head shot, sports oriented or more casual. One or more photographers will produce the photoshoot on your site. Proof images will be available for private viewing on the mseely.com website. All images are indexed by grade and student/staff name for easy validation.

The ID cards are two sided. We recommend using an Emergency notice on the back of the card. This will aid all students in case of emergency.

The cards are 3.3 x 2.1 inch, double sided, press-printed on a 18mil vinyl card. All images are available for online purchase as prints, specialty items and downloads.

Digital ID Cards are available as well. We can customize the physical card to include a scanable QR code and/or a virtual card can be developed to meet your specifications.

QR Code with ID # or more data

Use the Contact Us link to arrange a photo session and we can capture the best images for card and memories.