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High Resolution Printing

All of the images on the site have been reduced to a 1200 pixel width. These smaller image sizes load faster and reduce the bandwidth needed to display the many images on the site. This is particularly useful for those using a smart phone to browse the site.

The above illustrates the actual level of detail available in the file that can be printed.

Another Example

This image of the lake is 48" x 26" at 300dpi
Click to zoom-in and double-click to zoom-out. Click-drag to pan.
Use bottom menu buttons for other options.

Did you see the new house being built across the lake?

Two boats are next to each other. Which one has the red bag? Left or right?

Questions and Answers

For printing, the measurement is dots per inch (dpi). Usually a 200 dpi printed image is seen as very good. If an image has very fine details, the best prints are done closer to 300 dpi. Overall, a larger image file will support a larger print.

As an example a 20 x 30" print needs a file with 6,000 x 9,000 pixels to get a high res 300 dpi result. The image files shown on this site are all at that level or higher.

See the Pricing section on the Ordering page. These are typical before shipping charges for the different size prints. Each frame type has a different cost, e.g., paper print, Metal or Acrylic. The cost of actual shipping will be added to your quote.

Now, we can go up to 4 x 8 feet in an acrylic or metal print. An 8 x 12 foot print would be possible by using three of the 4 x 8 prints together.
We can produce custom images with the pixel count high enough to support this at a high level of quality. What is your idea?